Kick Start Your Digital Strategy and Transformation Program

This course provides training and tools that help you quickly establish a company wide vision and framework for developing and implementing a winning digital strategy and transformation program.

– Define what a successful digital strategy and transformation plan includes
– Establish and build company wide support for that plan
– Define and layout an integrated transformation roadmap
– Market drivers and digital disruption
– Discovery of transformational opportunities and threats
– Engaging employees and visionary customers and partners
– Development of digital product, marketing, and operational strategies
– Establishing the competencies of digital leadership
– Customer and Technology Insight
– Leading Edge Data / Analytics
– Continual Innovation and developing a Digital Culture
– Digital transformation planning and implementation phases
Includes 28 lectures, each with corresponding discussion guides, presentation materials and a work book that help you organize, communicate, and execute quickly and effectively.
This course is part of the “Competing for the Digital Future”, a leadership program for individuals and teams that will help you embed the DNA of digital leadership throughout your organization.

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