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Product Management

Spice Catalyst can help your teams organize, learn, align, define, prioritize and accelerate innovation!

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Today’s market is driven by continual changes in technology, new business models, innovative customer experiences and changing customer behavior. Older product management models of long term planning and execution and focusing only on the product itself aren’t keeping up. At Spice we believe product management organizations must take responsibility for the complete customer experience, stay current on the latest maketing methodologies and technology and adopt agile product management practices. The benefit is that your organization is engaged in continual fast paced cycles of learning and innovation that accelerate revenue and keep you ahead of the market.

We can help you accelerate time to market and increase market impact through:

Product Management Training

Most product management organizations are an assortment of skills, capabilities and experiences. Many haven’t had the time to build common language and processes or to ensure their team is up to speed on current marketing methods and tools. This makes it extremely hard to achieve sustainable levels of effectiveness.

“Building Insanely Great Products” is our Agile Product Management Training Program.

It increases your teams cohesiveness and effectiveness by providing them the latest concepts and methodologies in Agile product and total customer experience management.

The few days it takes to become certified in it, can put your team months, even years ahead of your competition.

Product Management Transformation

Today’s markets demand a level of effectiveness from the organizations serving them that are unprecedented.

To achieve that level of effectiveness, to accelerate revenue and innovation requires actionable alignment between vision and strategy, organizations, processes and systems and tools.

Spice believes that for organizations to compete today, those building blocks need to be infused with Agile values and practices.

Our Agile Transformation program assesses your product management organization and then develops a step by transformation roadmap that will take your team to very top of effectiveness and innovation. Along the way we will identify gaps in strategy, skills, process and systems and recommend concrete steps to take you to the next level.

When implemented you will have a deeply empowered team that can deliver continual innovation and business results without the fear constant burn out.

Product Management Staffing

When its crunch time, finding the right person with the right skills and an Agile mentality can be like – well rolling dice.A poor fit can put you even further behind than you were.

Spice Catalyst has a network of people with deep product management skills in multiple disciplines. We also have many that are Spice Certified. They have gone through one or more of our training programs and some are even qualified to teach them.

When you source personnel through Spice you will be working with people we know and trust. You will also be working with people who can help transfer their Spice knowledge and skills to the rest of your team.Instead of risking being further behind you will be much further ahead.