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How to Facilitate Work on Product Teams


Conceiving, developing and marketing a product is a team sport involving people responsible for product management, product marketing management, engineering, market research, product design, competitive research, portfolio management, distribution, sales,  training, finance, support, and legal.  It is a team sport requiring interpersonal and inter-organizational skills.  This course teaches how to do it.

Introduction and scope of course:

  • Welcome
  • Exercises description
  • Where to Start

Getting started:

  • The Importance of values and vision
  • Decision Making: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Product Project Management
  • What to do when the team is formed

Team formed:

  • Getting Along: 11 Principles from David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard
  • Key Competencies for Success
  • Leadership
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation

Doing the job:

  • 6 Keys to Product Team Success (SPICES)
    • Product Market Strategy
    • Process
    • Relevant and Actionable Information
    • Understanding what the Customer wants to Do
    • Systems and Tools to get the job done
    • Documentation
  • Understanding the Customer’s Journey and how each group responsible affects that part
  • Working with Sales, Development, Senior Management, Marketing, Training, Distribution, Operations,
  • Support, Test and other Groups
  • What’s different in a Startup vs. Large Organization?

Wrap up and next steps

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