Introduction to the Business of Product Management


Understanding what your customer and/or your customer’s customer wants to “do” is essential to product success.

This is what drives marketplace trends and what the competition may be doing. Understanding “do” is foundational to successful product management and the success of the product. As a Product Manager, you need to know everything you can about the “do”, the resulting market and what the competition is going to throw up against you. Plus it enables you to be sure the vision for your product is on point.

  • Will you have the resources to do that?
  • Learn how to optimize a product focusing on your customer's unmet needs to achieve the business goals and
  • maximize return on investment.
  • Does it support your company’s current business model, or does it require you to innovate business and pricing models to gain a competitive advantage?
  • Extend the product line to understand the product portfolio planning process and ensure your product aligns with company priorities.


  • Learn the importance of understanding what, why, when, how your customer want’s to “do” to nail customer needs and expectation
  • Get an overview of what should be done in your competitive research and analysis
  • Learn what should go in your product market strategy canvas to gain competitive advantage
  • Translate what your customer wants to go into a compelling value proposition
  • Explore what your customer wants to “do” into market segments
  • Apply class learning to your product or a product of your choice

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