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Business Acceleration

Spice Catalyst can help your teams organize, learn, align, define, prioritize and accelerate innovation!

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Predator or Prey?

At Spice Catalyst we believe that for B2B organizations and their executives to survive, accelerate and thrive in 2013 they must embrace agile company practices, not just in development and/or manufacturing but throughout their organization.

2013 is going to be a rough and tumble year. The economy is still wavering. Competition is getting faster, smarter and more innovative.

Those competitors will be embracing and competing with new technology. Technology that includes: social media, mobile, cloud / SaaS, big data, analytics, and collaborative solutions. They will use innovation and speed to drive new value to customers including new products and features, changes in business models, and broadened partnering and alliance eco systems. They will decrease time to market, deliver better interfaces and workflows, and vastly improved user experiences.

Align, Focus and Integrate Your Teams with Agile Values & Practices

Deliver increasing differentiation, deeper and more analytic understanding of their customer, adopt and use new marketing technologies and methodologies. Increase the rate of delivery and the value / impact of products.

Analyze Your Agile Readiness

Use a classic maturity model to assess how well your organization can reliably, predictably and sustainably produce desired outcomes through their behaviors, practices and processes. Establish a framework for defining and prioritizing improvements.

We can help:

Accelerate Action on What Creates Game Changing Customer Value

Establish customer immersion events, voice of the customer programs and decision systems focused on understanding customer value. Work across the organization to establish a personal and immersive understanding of what does and doesn’t create breakthrough value for your customers and for you.

Train Management & Teams on Agile Building Blocks

Bring Agile values and principles to life with your company’s strategy, vision and values, align decision-making, investment, organizational structure, processes and systems. This is the starting point for enabling an agile transformation.

Build Your Agile Plan

Establishing an ongoing incremental plan to better align your vision, strategy, organization, processes and systems with agile principles. The plan will use using the agile methodologies and principles we are so passionate about: Deep and continual customer collaboration, continual learning and innovation to drive customer value, incremental, evidenced based investment, and continual evaluation to eliminate non or low customer value producing efforts, materials or processes.