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Building Insanely Great Products Workshop

This workshop will enable you to explore and plan for doing the key things necessary for your product(s) to become “insanely great”… a term that Steve Jobs used to encourage the people who worked for him to strive to do the very best they can for their customers. It covers what Apple is doing that has made it the most valuable company in the world and what Hewlett-Packard did to grow 20% per year for 50 years after its founding in 1938 including organizational structure, needed employee competencies, decision-making, and other major factors.

About the Boot Camp

The Building Insanely Great Products Bootcamp is based upon David Fradin’s upcoming book and is an updated lecture since being presented to multiple product camps worldwide and to CXOs in Singapore. It includes an online course and workbook enabling participants to emerge for the Bootcamp with an action plan for their product.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what products must have to succeed
  • Understand the product lifecycle and process
  • Learn what products must have to be successful
  • Learn about an Agile Product Lifecycle Framework and Process
  • Learn the required competencies for success
  • Learn about the similarities and differences between product management/product marketing management and entrepreneur
  • Learn the history of product management
  • Understand decision making and organizational structure
  • Learn the importance of values and vision
  • Learn about the impacts of today’s business environment
  • How to decide what your product will do

Course Outline

  1. What Products Must Have To Succeed
  2. Product Life Cycle And Process
  3. Required Competencies
  4. Product Management/Product Marketing Management Vs. Entrepreneur
  5. History Of Product Management
  6. Decision Making And Organizational Structure
  7. Values And Vision
  8. Today’s Business Environment
  9. “Do” and Your Value Proposition

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To be notified when the next Boot Camp will be in your area, please fill in the form below. Meanwhile, feel free to purchase the online course and you will get a credit for two times what you pay for the course against the cost of the Boot Camp.