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Spice Catalyst’s Agile marketing strategy and campaigns that deliver high value opportunities to your sales team

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Agile marketing is based on fast, continual time bound cycles of learning and innovation. Strategy, planing, campaigns even materials or customer experiences are designed to capture insight and to be continually refined. Why? The market is continually evolving. What created or communicated value yesterday may not be the same tomorrow. Emerging technology, competitive breakthroughs, new channels of information and learning for customers, changing business environment, new insight from your team – all of these change the effectiveness of your marketing.

As the market changes your team has to continually learn and innovate to deliver and convey your unique value. What is their pain? What will create real business value for them? What will they actually buy? What information and experiences do they need when? What value can you create for them that your competitors can’t? What channels will be most effective in reaching them? How do you ensure the message, experience and brand value are communicated effectively? How do you build nurturing campaigns, lead scoring and management systems that work. How do you capture and deliver the customer specific insight gained along the way to the sales person? What customer specific materials, tools and support do you provide to the sales team to help them shine, and help them accelerate high value deals? How do you create an effective referral program that enables your to expand within accounts and land new ones? Most importantly how do design all of these to enable continual learning and innovation by your teams.

We can help you increase the value and effectiveness of your Marketing Strategy:

Customer Profiling & Positioning

  • Market analysis and audience insight
  • Account Profiles
  • Customer Personas
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder workshops and interviews
  • Integrated communications strategy
  • Unique Buying Proposition
  • Brand positioning and message architecture

Integrated Multi Channel Campaign Design

  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Channel Strategy & Optimization
  • Content and experience strategy
  • Advertising planning and execution
  • Public relations
  • Email marketing
  • Organic search optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media programs

Campaign Management & Tracking

  • Demand generation/nurturing strategy and campaign design
  • Creative services (concept, artwork and content development)
  • Multi-channel tactics (web, email, direct mail, voice mail)
  • Audience insight and ideal customer profiling

Sales Enablement

  • Stakeholder workshops and interviews
  • Inside sales/channel research
  • Sales personas and buyer process mapping
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Unique Buying Proposition
  • Interactive sales enablement tools (proactive sales coaching, ROI calculators, solution generators, dynamic sales collateral wizards, sales asset libraries, etc.)
  • Sales playbooks
  • Sales collateral and product literature

Marketing Systems & Tools

  • Platform setup, programming, management and support
  • Real-time activity notifications for sales
  • Analysis of key metrics and reporting
  • Lead scoring architecture

Digital Engagement

  • Audience insight (design personas) and customer needs assessment
  • Demo Design and Development
  • Gamification design and development
  • Online Events
  • Webinars
  • Website/portal design, development and hosting