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This workbook or set of templates accompanies Spice Catalyst's course entitled "Do, Innovation, Design Thinking, Value Proposition" course which is available on-line or for a scheduled in-person instructor lead delivery.

The problem this course resolves is how to figure out what your product should be able to do for its customer leading through the innovation process and design thinking to know for sure what is the value of your product proposition.

This workbook provides guidance on figuring those things out.

By "Do" I am building upon the concept of outcome-based innovation and jobs to be done. But it goes into more detail as to what people "want" to do in order to accomplish their job. Plus other questions like "why, when, who, where, how, importance and satisfaction.

This workbook provides guidance for the collection of this information covering observation, interviews, surveys, and analytics.

David Fradin was a classically trained product manager at Hewlett-Packard during the 50 years that HP grew 20% a year. Apple recruited him to bring the first hard disk drive on a personal computer to market. He soon rose in Apple's management ranks to the same level as Steve Jobs by heading the Apple /// product line and providing the profits which helped fund the development of the Macintosh. Since 1969 he has worked on over 75 products and services, at 25 small, medium and large organizations and eleven startups covering hardware, software, services, internet, SaaS, mobile, advertising, online training, video and for non-profit public policy associations and political campaigns.