Spice Capabilities

Creating Insanely Great Customers by helping you deliver breakthrough value at each stage of their journey

Why Create Insanely Great Customers Capabilities

The rules of product design, marketing and sales are being rewritten

  • Technology
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Buyer behavior
  • Collaborative social innovation
  • Marketing automation
  • Big data
  • Personalization
  • The consumerism of commercial products and solutions

Market dynamics are accelerating the innovation dialog between vendors and customers

  • The cycles of disruptive innovation are becoming smaller
  • Leaders must work ever closer with customers to re-vision and innovate. Not just the products they create, but the companies and industries of the customers they serve.
  • We believe the next generation of innovation – engagement-based marketing strategies and programs will embrace and lead this charge

Facilitating innovation at each stage of the customer journey creates high value, Insanely Great Customers

  • Marketing strategies, programs, content, and experiences must be designed to facilitate innovation
  • The kind of customers that stay with you through life
  • The kind that wants more of what they helped you create
  • The kind that can’t wait to tell others of the value you created for them.

Focusing on Creating Insanely Great Customers is a competitively disruptive way to go to market

  • It changes the marketing game by creating a hyper-focus on understanding and delivering customer value
  • It aligns internal organizations to create differentiating customer value at each stage of the customer journey
  • It accelerates the collaborative learning and innovation process between you and high-value customers

Business Acceleration Areas

Build a Deeper Understanding of your Current and Future Customers

  • We specialize in cutting-edge Voice of the Customer programs, segmentation, personal development and positioning that unlock untapped market momentum

Accelerate Time to Market with Agile Product Mgt. & Marketing

  • We provide market-leading consulting and training that helps your teams accelerate their ability to bring disruptive value to the market

Drive Growth with Integrated Branding and Marketing Campaigns

  • We build powerful branding and campaigns that transform untapped market momentum into highly qualified opportunities and customers

Nurture, accelerate, track and convert your high-value opportunities

  • Create highly effective lead nurturing and tracking programs

Provide deeper more predictable insight into your pipeline

  • Establish clear criteria, goals, analytics and reporting for each stage. Analytics based primarily on business outcomes, opportunities, revenue & profit.

Increase effectiveness and return on content and campaigns

  • By designing content and experiences not as one-offs but as interlinking modules aligned to personas and journey stages

Increase marketing and sales effectiveness and measurability

  • Align vision, strategy, processes, sales enablement, and systems to ensure continual measurement, learning, and innovation across the organization

Voice of the Customer / Research

  • Assess existing VOC program
  • Customer immersion
  • Customer insight models
  • Conduct Research
  • Focus groups
  • Continual learning & innovation
  • Customer advisory boards

Product Management

  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Requirements Development
  • Agile Processes and Methodology
  • Additional Staffing
  • Training

Market Segmentation, Personas

  • Assess existing profiles and personas
  • Develop Personas
  • Develop high-value account profiles and qualification guidelines

Positioning & Messaging

  • Assess, align/develop marketing and engagement strategy
    Define core positioning and messaging

Customer Journey Mapping

  • Overall SWOT
  • Mapping
  • Brand alignment
  • Persona support
  • Content
  • Analytics & VOC
  • Processes
  • Organization Alignment

Content / Experience Strategy

  • Content design, strategy, and development
  • Customer engagement experiences
  • Gamification, solution trials, onboarding
  • Mobile / multichannel experience

Lead Nurturing / Management

  • Assessment of goals for each stage
  • Define metrics to track prospect progress
  • Assess content and experience contribution
  • Define and develop new programs

Customer Support / Experience

  • Assess existing process and tools
  • Provide SWOT analysis
  • Refine or create new capabilities

System, Analytics / Process

  • Assess existing systems, analytics and processes
  • Gauge capability & effectiveness of marketing systems
  • Define and facilitate updates and enhancements

Customer Onboarding

  • Assess existing process and tools
  • Provide SWOT analysis
  • Refine or create new capabilities
Spice Catalysts Definition of Insanely Great

Spice Catalyst’s Definition of Insanely Great

An experience or relationship that

  • Is informing, exciting, uplifting, delightful and rewarding
  • Fills you with wonder
  • Brings new insight, a new perspective, new understanding
  • Empowers and delights
  • Opens new connections and delivers new resources
  • Supports people on a personal level
  • Establishes trust and bonding
  • Makes those experiencing it proud and excited to share their experience
  • Makes you excited to take the next step of the journey

Above all, it provides the capability to meet needs and achieve goals, in a faster, more effective, more trusted, more exciting way than any other experience

Spice Catalysts Definition of Insanely Great 2
Spice Catalysts Definition of Insanely Great 1