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Creating Insanely Great Customers is a step-by-step guide to transforming your company into “Always-On Innovation”. It uses Agile / Lean practices to focus, align and integrate strategies for innovation, customer engagement and process management in the areas that produce the greatest future value for you and your customers.

We are in the midst of a Perfect Storm of continual and interconnecting innovation that is disrupting companies and industries. It is accelerating the dialogue and pace of innovation, and blurring the boundaries between how we innovate and how we engage customers. It's not surprising then that at the top of almost every CEO's priority list are three things: innovation, customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Yet for most companies, progress isn’t coming fast enough. Why not? Because surviving a market driven by a disruptive storm of continual innovation requires one thing, accelerating the value you create for your most visionary customers, the Insanely Great ones. To do that effectively requires something most companies haven't done, align and integrate their strategies for innovation, customer engagement, and operational effectiveness. That is the work Creating Insanely Great Customers helps you do.

Mike is a recognized author, analyst, speaker and consultant in digital strategy, innovation, transformation, and leadership. He is the author of “Competing for the Digital Future | A Leadership Program for Digital Strategy and Transformation, and the book, “Creating Insanely Great Customers | Always On Innovation”. As a founder and principal of Spice Catalyst, Mike develops and leads digital strategy, transformation, and leadership training programs for entrepreneurs, executives, product and marketing managers.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: SPICE CATALYST MEDIA (April 14, 2014)
Language: English