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Voice of The Customer

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At Spice Catalyst we are passionate about helping our clients create breakthrough customer value.

The insight to do that comes from deep knowledge of how those customers live, work and dream. It comes from knowing what stands in the way of their getting home at at night. It comes from knowing how to help them achieve their goals better, faster and smarter than your competition. It comes from continually learning, innovating, testing and trying again. It comes from doing that with your products, your business model, your marketing material and your campaigns.

In today’s digitally interactive world there is an amazing array of technology that enables us to gain that insight. There is also the good old fashioned approach of spending a lot of quality time with the companies and the people you are trying create value for. For your company to stay in front of the competition you need both.

We can help you increase the value and effectiveness of your Voice of The Customer Program through:


[wptabs type=”accordion” effect=”slide” mode=”vertical”] [wptabtitle] Voice of the Customer Training[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] Most Voice of the Customer programs that exist have been developed using information from the companies CRM system and perhaps a few other sources.Many have yet to embrace the current world of social media and the information generated across the multiple touch points of the Customer Journey. Even fewer have incorporated collaboration in the design and delivery of the companies products or customer experience.

This makes it extremely hard to deliver the level of insight required to continually improve the effectiveness and competitiveness required in today’s markets.

“Agile Voice of the Customer Management” is our Agile Voice of the Customer Training Program.

It increases your teams value and effectiveness by providing them the latest concepts and methodologies in Agile marketing and total customer experience marketing.

It also takes them inside today’s current marketing and analytics technologies process and provides them a collaborative, continual learning and innovation approach to developing and managing state of the art Voice of the Customer Programs.

The few days it takes to go through the training will put you months perhaps even years ahead of your competitors who haven’t![/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle] Voice of the Customer Transformation[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] Today’s markets demand a level of effectiveness from the organizations serving them that are unprecedented.To achieve that level of effectiveness, to accelerate revenue and innovation requires actionable alignment between vision and strategy, organizations, processes and systems and tools.

Spice believes that for organizations to compete today, these building blocks need to be infused with Agile values and practices.

Our Agile Transformation program assesses your Voice of the Customer Program and operations and then develops a step by transformation roadmap that will take your team to very top of effectiveness and innovation.

Along the way we will identify gaps in strategy, skills, process and systems and recommend concrete steps to take you to the next level.

When implemented you will have a deeply empowered team that can deliver the insight required to fuel the continual innovation and business results needed by your marketing, sales and product teams.

 [/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle] Voice of the Customer Staffing [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] When its crunch time, finding the right person with the right skills and an Agile mentality can be like – well rolling dice. A poor fit can put you even further behind than you were. Spice Catalyst has a network of people with deep voice of the customer skills in multiple disciplines. We also have many that are Spice Certified. They have gone through one or more of our training programs and some are even qualified to teach them.When you source personnel through Spice you will be working with people we know and trust. You will also be working with people who can help transfer their Spice knowledge and skills to the rest of your team. Instead of risking being further behind you will be much further ahead. [/wptabcontent] [/wptabs]