“Do”, Innovation, Design and Value Proposition” Work Shop

Some believe that product success depends upon having some technology that is better than something else and as a result, the world will beat a path to that product’s door. Others think that if they simply get into a room and brainstorm ideas or even play ideation games, the right ideas will automatically come forward and the product will succeed.

Both are wrong. And as a result somewhere between 40% or more products “flop up onto the shore as dead fish” as Steve Jobs once said.

This workshop will enable you to learn how to figure out exactly what your customers want to “do”, innovate, design and nail the value proposition.

About the Boot Camp

Successful products start with clearly understanding what people and organizations “do”. What they do, how they do it, why they do it and so forth. This course enables the participants to figure out what their prospective customers “do” and then translate that into a compelling “value proposition” with real innovation. Together the “dos” will enable engineering to build the right product and the value proposition will direct marketing to get the marketing plan right.

Together, implementing the right “dos” and “value proposition will ensure product success.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how important it is to learn what people “do” and how to translate into a compelling value proposition and product positioning
  • Understanding what your customer’s “do” and helping them do that more effectively than your competitors
  • Define the “value” your customers will get out of your product

Course Outline


  • Value of Do
  • How To Define A “Do”
  • Information Gathering
  • Prioritizing “Do”s
  • Going to Development


  • Sources of Innovation, Design, and Methodology
  • Discover New Markets and Market Sizing
  • Types of Innovation and Ideation Process
  • Other Product Success Considerations

Value Proposition

  • What will be the primary benefit(s) this product provide?
  • Developing a value proposition statement

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