Building a Digital Strategy and Transformation Dream Team

This course helps you define, identify, and develop a high performance digital strategy and transformation team. It provides a powerful framework and tools that help you organize your efforts, define and develop your team, and hold your first planning meeting.

– Define team goals and strategy
– Define team roles and responsibilities
– Identify and qualify the best possible candidates
– Clarify the management support required for success
– Assess skills and define a training and development plan
– Define the team management methodology and process
– Identify information and insight needed from across the company
– Initiate a requirements dialog with key stakeholders
– Develop a prioritized planning meeting agenda
– Facilitate the meeting
– Identify market discovery requirements and priorities
– Define initial project priorities
Includes 9 masters level lessons, a 90 page workbook and presentation materials to facilitate stakeholder as well as team planning meetings.
This course is part of the “Competing for the Digital Future”, a leadership program for individuals and teams that will help you embed the DNA of digital leadership throughout your organization.

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