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David Fradin

Manipal University, Professonal Development of Product Management, Leadership and Marketing, Spice Catalyst

David Fradin has trained thousands of managers throughout the world. He infuses his workshops with insights and experiences gained as a product leader at companies like Apple and HP. He was classically trained as an HP Product Manager and was then recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market. As a result of his leadership and management skills, Apple promoted him first to Apple /// Group Product Manager and later Business Unit Manager at the same organizational level at that time as Steve Jobs. His forthcoming book “Building Insanely Great Products” and these workshops cover the founding values, vision, product lifecycle and management employed by Apple at its founding and which it returned to in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple. What students will learn in these workshops is exactly what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world.

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Mike Connor

CEO, Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA)

Mike is a recognized author, analyst, speaker and consultant in digital strategy, innovation, transformation, and leadership. He is the author of “Competing for the Digital Future | A Leadership Program for Digital Strategy and Transformation, and the book, “Creating Insanely Great Customers | Always On Innovation”. As a founder and principal of Spice Catalyst, Mike develops and leads digital strategy, transformation, and leadership training programs for entrepreneurs, executives, product and marketing managers.

Spice Catalyst - About the Facilitators (1)

Mike Gospe

Go-to-Market Strategist, CAB Facilitator, Author & Marketing Coach inspiring companies to be customer-focused

Mike co-founded KickStart Alliance, a sales and marketing leadership consulting team. He inspires companies to become more customer-focused. He brings practical expertise to today's hi-tech companies, specializing in executive leadership workshops & integrated marketing/launch strategies aimed at engaging C-level executives. As a professional CAB facilitator, he is trusted by B2B tech leaders. (cabstrategy.com) He has published 2 major marketing best-practices books and 7 booklets on personas, positioning, messaging, and creating marketing blueprints. His clients include Adobe, AMD, HP, Sun, Symantec, and many others across North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. His workshops and online course are fun, practical, and powerful. And his best practices have been read and applied by thousands of marketers around the world.

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Mary Gospe

B2B Marketing & Sales Consulting | Digital Marketing Leader | Demand Gen Strategist

Mary is co-founder and principal of KickStart Alliance, a marketing and sales consulting team that helps B2B and B2C companies align and optimize their marketing and sales operations and programs. Mary is a proven leader in initiating programs to build and nurture sales pipelines, shorten the sales cycle, and accelerate revenue creation. Her practice areas include planning and executing integrated marketing campaigns, building inside sales organizations, spinning up outsourced telemarketing vendors and streamlining sales and marketing operations. Mary earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Cal State University, East Bay and an MBA from Santa Clara University. She also completed a certification in Direct and Interactive Marketing from San Jose State University.

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