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These boot camps or workshops have been created by Spice Catalyst an Agile product management and marketing professional development and training firm located in Silicon Valley, California.  The workshops were developed by Spice Catalyst Principals, seasoned and experienced product executives in the Valley from Apple, HP, Adobe, Sun, Silicon Graphics and numerous smaller companies.

They know the ins and outs of billion dollar enterprises as well as bootstrapped zero budget startups and in between.

Some notable product management experiences of the team include numerous software, hardware and service products such as SaaS products, Apple // and ///, Adobe Creative Cloud, mobile advertising, hardware and software and across almost all industries.

Their workshops also help companies address the needs of the digital transformation and its associated customer journey’s including aspects of Spice Catalyst’ books entitled “Building Insanely Great Products” and “Creating Insanely Great Customers”.

They have trained thousands of individuals at such companies as: Capital One Bank, Cisco, Cognizant, Diebold, GameStop, Infosys, Informatica, Kaiser, Microsoft, Mobileiron, Meru Networks, Pitney Bowes, the Country of Singapore, the Botswana Telecommunications Company and You Send It.

Suggested Audiences

The Boot Camps are for product leaders:

  • Director
  • Vice President
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Start-Up
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager
  • Product Owners, Strategists, Solution, Line, Scientists
  • Managers of Industry, Portfolio, Program. Producers, Business Analysts and Field Marketing
Mike Connor
Highly regarded for customer insights, market and technical knowledge, and keen business acumen in preparing and executing strategic and tactical plans. Credited with key contributions in penetrating new accounts and markets, attaining product leadership positions, and driving sales with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.
David Fradin
David FradinCourse Author, Facilitator and Instructor
David Fradin has trained thousands of managers throughout the world. He infuses his workshops with insights and experiences gained as a product leader at companies like Apple and HP. He was classically trained as an HP Product Manager and was then recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market. As a result of his leadership and management skills, Apple promoted him first to Apple /// Group Product Manager and later Business Unit Manager at the same organizational level at that time as Steve Jobs. His forthcoming book “Building Insanely Great Products” and these workshops covers the founding values, vision, product life cycle and management employed by Apple at its founding and which it returned to in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple. What students will learn in these workshops is exactly what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world.
Mike Gospe
Mike GospeCourse author, facilitator, and workshop leader
Mike Gospe is an experienced facilitator and workshop leader with expertise in marketing operations, personas, positioning statements, messaging, and marketing blueprints.
Mary Gospe
Mary Gospe
  • Teach what needs to be done and how to do it
  • Finish a plan ready for implementation

Each boot camp includes a pre-boot camp component in the form of an online course to obtain specific learning objectives.  Each lesson in the course includes:

  • Pre lesson quiz to focus the student on the lessons to be learned
  • Examples and stories to help remember key points
  • Video lecture supported by key bullet points
  • Exercises
  • Post lesson quizzes to measure improvements incompetency as a result of the lesson, lectures, examples and exercises

The exercises come directly from the course workbook template.

Students are encouraged to complete a draft plan thus maximizing discussion and interaction at the boot camp.  In addition, By viewing the video lectures online prior to the workshop students will maximize their time on interaction, feedback and learning while attending the boot camp.

The exercises are also provided in a free downloadable PowerPoint workbook as part of the online course, such that students can use the template to facilitate their planning and enable them to create an executive presentation.

Students will use this template to present their work for discussion, review and comment on the workshop.  If students chose to complete the template for their own product or service they will then have completed their planning and be ready to implement immediately after class.

Therefore, students should complete a first draft of their workbooks and be prepared to present in class to facilitate maximum time for interaction, discussion and feedback.