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Do you have product market and product marketing strategies focused on product, customer and partner success? To succeed, a product and an organization must have Strategy, Process, Information, Customers, Employees, and Systems in place. Additionally, it should have customer-centric vision and values. It is not easy to pull all this together, but these are essential for success! The purpose of Foundations in the Successful Management of Products is to help understand how to plan for and implement each of these, thus enhancing the probability of success greatly. This focused guide provides actionable strategies which can lead to customer-oriented products, enabling Product Managers, Product Teams and the entire organization to significantly increase the chances of success.

David Fradin was a classically trained product manager at Hewlett-Packard during the 50 years that HP grew 20% a year. Apple recruited him to bring the first hard disk drive on a personal computer to market. He soon rose in Apple’s management ranks to the same level as Steve Jobs by heading the Apple /// product line and providing the profits which helped fund the development of the Macintosh. Since 1969 he has worked on over 75 products and services, at 25 small, medium and large organizations and eleven startups covering hardware, software, services, internet, SaaS, mobile, advertising, online training, video and for non-profit public policy associations and political campaigns.

Paperback: 820 pages
Publisher: Wiley
Language: English
ISBN: 9788126564996