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In every interaction, every decision, these are our principles

We seek to define how we do business and relate to our customers, our joint venture partners, and each other.  This document’s purpose is to outline the values that we hope will guide us all as professionals. It is based on the partners’ collective experience and follows as a model, the HP Way and Apple Values.  

Do the best job you can.  Try hard.  Work hard.  But take time for yourself and your family.

Be honest.  Honesty is the best policy.  Be honest with our customers, our joint venture partners, your fellow employees, and prospective customers.  Demonstrate integrity.

Be loyal.  If you complain about individuals to others, that action undermines our ability to succeed and excel.  To avoid this, be honest with your co-workers if you should disagree with an action, strategy or tactic.  But after getting a fair hearing of your views, support the final decision so long as it does not compromise your personal ethics.

Express wants/needs.  Feel free to express to all co-workers exactly what you want or need.  Express your minimum needs and optimum needs.  All workers should strive to help you meet your needs.  This is based on the understanding that if we help you achieve your wants and needs you will be happier and will work harder for yourself and for the whole team.  It is OK to change your wants and needs.  Just keep us all informed of those changes.

Trust and respect.  Demonstrate trust and respect  toward all individuals.

Flexibility.   There  may be times when you’ll need flexibility.  For example, occasionally you may need to take a day off during the week and make it up on a weekend, or to shift your hours on a given day.  Remember though, that the objective is to get tasks done that contribute to the whole.  So if you do shift your hours based on your personal needs, please be sure that someone else is not depending on you and waiting for you to get something done.

Problem solving.  We generally  follow the scientific method of problem solving: 1) Define the problem.  2) Identify  alternative solutions. 3)  Analyze each potential solution 4) Choose a solution. 5) Develop a plan to implement that solution.

It is OK to agree to disagree and go on with respect to the others’ point of view.  We are not going to agree on everything.

Empathy for our customers.  Our customers and our joint venture partners should be given the utmost respect regardless of the circumstances.  If we keep them happy, they will take care of us.

Achievement.  Get things done.  Complete them so you are free to move on.

Aggressiveness.  Be aggressive in getting things done. Any delay in getting something done usually results in a lost sale and income.  If you take responsibility for a task, forecast when you might reasonably expect to get it done so others can plan accordingly.

Positive social contribution. We want to make a positive social contribution  whenever possible.

Individual performance.  The importance of your individual performance cannot be overemphasized.   It is the cornerstone of any team effort.  Integrity and hard work on the part of each individual will bring about an important collective result:  the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Team Spirit.  We are working as a team.  Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  When we make mistakes, we learn and grow from them. It’s OK to say: “I made a mistake.”

Innovation and Vision  How far can we take an idea?  Innovation and vision will drive the company’s success as well as your own.

Individual growth and Reward. We want to reward you for your contribution.

Quality and excellence  are key considerations in everything we do.

Good management principles apply.  Planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and staffing.
Our purpose is for these points to amount to a philosophy of “enlightened self interest,” were benefiting yourself and your company are mutually reinforcing goals.