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Professional Development

Career Development

 Spice Catalyst works with organizations  and individuals to help them assess, benchmark and develop the organizational, product management and marketing capabilities they need to establish a leadership role in today’s fast paced customer value and innovation led markets.

Our work is based on Spice Catalyst’s Agile product management and marketing methodology “Creating Insanely Great Customers”.

We are evolving an integrated curriculum and courses based on that  methodology that provides business leaders, product managers, product marketing managers and teams the thought leadership and skills they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive, fast paced and fast changing markets.

The comprehensive curriculum addresses introductory through advanced skills and includes emerging competencies demanded by today’s market leaders. The courses emphasize not just what needs to be done but how to do it. They are rich in examples and resources that enable students to quickly apply their new knowledge to their day to day work.

Courses are based on Agile / Lean principles, the foundation of Spice Catalyst’s “Creating Insanely Great Customers” product management and marketing framework.

The curriculum is architected by Spice Catalyst founders in collaboration with other carefully selected thought leaders in the field. Spice Catalyst founders share a deep and rich silicon valley heritage which started when they worked together at Apple. They have been instrumental in building and leading product management and marketing organizations at Apple and in multiple startups as well as fortune 500 level companies.

The curriculum and courses shine with the passion they have for sharing the knowledge and lessons they have learned as well as advancing the field through their vision for it’s future. The result is courses that not only provide core competencies but that delight and inspire students and the teams they work within to deliver exceptional value to their customers and to the companies for which they work.

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