Distribution Channels, Partners and Affiliates Workshop 2017-02-15T13:20:15+00:00

This boot camp covers the basics of channels, channel models and profiles. The advantages and disadvantages of distribution channels, partners and affiliates and when to use them are explained and you learn how to build and actually build a channel plan.  

Participants will:

  • Develop an understanding how pricing is different for different channels and how that can affect a channel favorably or unfavorably.
  • How an organization’s sales force can work or compete with the channel.
  • Learn what sales and support materials are needed for the channel.
  • Distribution Channels
  • Why distribution strategies fail
  • Distribution types, characteristics and functions
  • Distribution strategy / selection drivers
  • Channel, partners and affiliates recruitment, enablement, development and management components
  • Channel Models
  • Channel Partner Profiles
  • Why Distribution Strategies Fail
  • Strategic Requirements
  • Customer / Solution Requirements
  • Channel Strategy
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Channel Management
  • Summary / Plan Outline


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