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1.What is Marketing?

2.Creating Insanely Great Customers


4.Differences in Geography, Demographics, Bias, Ways of Doing Business and Cultures

Preparation for Planning

5.Target Market(s)


Marketing Plan

7.Value Proposition, Messaging and Messages

8.Marketing Strategies, Objectives, Types and Techniques

9.Media, Mix and Plan

10.Packaging and Bundling

11.Marketing Communications


13.Typical Product Marketing Manager Activities

14.Timing, Budget and Schedule/Responsibilities

15.Sustaining/Ongoing Marketing Plan and Metrics

This course covers the fundamental principles of marketing for product leaders, managers, marketers, business analysts and field marketing. It covers:

Preparation for Planning
Target Market(s)
Value, Messaging and Messages
Marketing Strategies, Objectives, Types and Techniques
Media, Mix and Plan
Packaging and Bundling
Marketing Communications
Typical Product Marketing Manager Activities
Timing, Budget and Schedule/Responsibilities
Sustaining/Ongoing Marketing Plan and Metrics
The course includes a downloadable PowerPoint Workbook template for you to do your exercises, build your plan and then bring to the Boot Camp for review, discussion and enhancement.

To be able to for any product or service

  • Learn basic elements of a marketing plan
  • Able to create a marketing plan and budget


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