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Since 1973, Quarry has been blazing new paths in how we convert branding into buying for our clients.Our focus to highly engineered goods and services was a natural result of embracing our innate marketing nerdiness. These types of clients allow us to do smart, business-building work across a range of industries that have important factors in common throughout the buying journey. We relish the challenges – and the opportunities – that come with a complex Buyer Experience Value Chain™.Broadening our disciplines beyond – way beyond – traditional advertising came early. If the way to convert branding into buying is to provide relevant customer experiences, and we think it is, you must approach everything from the buyer’s perspective. For buyers, there’s a whole spectrum of experiences that are important and influential. That’s why Quarry digs in and delivers better customer experiences across the buying journey.


If you have a new highly engineered product or service to launch or an existing brand that needs a positioning makeover, we’ll help you get your positioning right and then we’ll build awareness. Our Demand Builder® methodology helps identify the logical steps and the actual tools and services we’d deploy. If you’re interested in what activities that might include, check out the branding services list. We’re great at branding, and it’s a whole lot of fun. You’ll find a lot of advertising agencies can capably help you with the branding stage – and that’s where they tend to stop. But frankly, we haven’t met a marketer yet who has only been interested in getting half the job done. Neither are we.


What really makes Quarry stand out is our passion and know-how for converting that branding and awareness effort into actual demand. Driving sales. Helping your customers to buy.You need to start by thinking like a customer. We’ll help you understand how buyers benefit from choosing your product or service over another (the Unique Buying Proposition®) and which interactions with your brand accelerate or derail the buying journey (the Buyer Experience Value Chain™). Here too, we offer proven methodologies – Relationship Builder®, Sales Builder®, Traffic Builder® – that identify the steps that pave the path to buying. If you’re interested, have a look at our buying services list to see what skill sets might be engaged.

What We Do at Quarry Communications

The short answer to what we do is that we help our clients convert their branding into buying. The long answer of just how we do that is a little (or a lot) different for each scenario, depending on where your brand is in terms of branding and which experiences in the journey to buying are identified as key.


  • Research in Motion
  • Syngenta Canada
  • Symantec
  • John Deere
  • FedEx
  • Cisco
  • Orbitz for Business
  • Novartis

Key Principals

  • Alan Quarry, Chairman, CEO
  • Ken Whyte, President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jay Fournier, Chief Creative Officer
  • Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer

Contact information

1440 King Street North.St. Jacobs, ONN0B 2N0
Phone: 519.664.2999
Toll-Free: 877.723.2999