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Mike Connor

Principal, Spice Catalyst

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My passion is helping people and companies push the world a little closer to being Insanely Great.

I believe inherent in the essence of being human is the desire and capability to work collaboratively to make the world better. Add amazing creativity, technology and an increasingly connected and integrated world and we now have the ability to not just make the world better, but to make it Insanely Great.

As author, speaker, blogger, I see my role as inspiring and building a community of people and companies committed to collaboratively achieving that goal.

I am Author of the following works:



Competing for the Digital Future | A Leadership Program









As Principal / Chief Innovation Officer at Spice Catalyst, an “Agile Business Acceleration firm”, I see my role as helping people and companies align their vision, strategy and processes to accelerate the value they create and the effectiveness by which they accomplish that.

This work is my way of “paying forward” the gifts I have been given by the people and the companies I have been fortunate enough to work with. Those include companies such as Apple, Adobe, Silicon Graphics, and a number of startups. My roles within those companies have included product management, product marketing, business development, channel development and management, industry analyst and strategist. That background gives me a unique insight into what it takes to create Insanely Great teams, products and companies.

I live in Silicon Valley with my wife and two daughters. My other passions include playing jazz drums, skiing, biking, and hiking.

Join me at “Creating Insanely Great Customers” on Linkedin!

This forum is focused on customer value-led innovation. We share insights about harnessing the forces driving change and creating opportunities to accelerate the creation of customer value. Join us!

Looking for a Speaker? Mike’s favorite topics include:

  • Creating Insanely Great Customers
  • Creating an Insanely Great Customer Journey
  • Customer value led innovation
  • Accelerating Customer Value & Business Growth
  • B2B Sales Enablement
  • Agile Product Management
  • Agile Marketing