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Find out more at If you are looking for a way to move your company and career forward in a market driven by innovation, … >>

Want Insanely Great B2B marketing? Start with a great persona!

Insanely Great Marketing | Personas

Effective marketing begins with a deep understanding of your audience: Developing a value proposition or an overall marketing strategy Positioning your product and developing the messaging to … >>

Agile B2B product management and marketing training, mentoring and consulting

Vision, insight, skills and expertise for leading today's fast paced, innovation driven markets.

Harnessing “The Perfect Storm”

The Perfect Storm2

Harnessing "The Perfect Storm" A series of profound shifts is transforming how we build products and companies, and how we engage and develop … >>

For Organizations

For Organizations 3

For Organizations Leadership is earned through continual learning and innovation. From our perspective, this requires teams that excel at Agile … >>

For Individuals

Career Development

For Individuals To win in today’s market, you must continually up your game. The foundation of leadership is the ability to continually learn and … >>